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Are you looking for quality JOB opportunities globally?

If the answer is YES to the above - then CLI Recruitment is your Free Placement Service.

Bringing Jobs to You

CLI Recruitment is staffed by people with Teaching and Educational Management backgrounds.

We certainly understand the many issues that surround choosing the Right Employer!

We at CLI Recruitment are committed to finding the right JOB for YOU .

We aim to deliver an efficient, expert placement service with standards you would expect from a company concerned with the well-being of people involved in education: teachers, lecturers, administration staff, children, and young adults.


Application, Interviews and Screening Procedure

CLI Recruitment follows a rigorous recruitment procedure. All successful applicants are assessed, checked and briefed; you are given the opportunity to discuss your needs and ideas for career development and all legal requirements are complied with.

You undergo an intensive interview to assess your suitability in terms of professional competence, commitment, character and your ability to work in a foreign country.

Two professional referees are taken, from your last or current employment or, in the case of newly qualified staff, from your trainers or supervisors.

You are required to give original or notarized copies of qualifications. You also complete a medical questionnaire.

You complete a job application form, including a personality profile to include details of what you can give to the job.
You are briefed extensively about the educational establishment, their contractual obligations, and the location.

Current Placement opportunities

For further information, contact our Recruitment/ Placement team at Campus Life International Ltd.


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CLI Recruitment will assist ( if requested) with your visa, travel arrangements and, in negotiation with you and the Instituition, accommodation on arrival.

Quality Control
We will periodically liaise with you and with the institution we have placed you with to ensure that we have placed the right person in the right job


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