CLI Recruitment 

is now available to the Global Educational Market.

Looking for staff in the EFL Sector?

Are you looking to provide an improved recruitment service for your institution, students and existing staff ?

Would you like to remove the need for those urgent short notice Teacher vacances problems ?

If the answer is YES to any of the above - then CLI Recruitment could be the service for your educational institution.

CLI Recruitment has been designed in close consultation with educational sector staff.

  • It is a tool that helps you provide quality teacher placement services to your institution.
  • It will help your educational institution meet the requirements including mandatory of Codes of Practice that may be applicable to your organisation.
Positions Vacant - Looking for work in the EFL sector?

We at CLI Recruitment are committed to finding the right person for the job, and the right job for the person. We aim to deliver an efficient, expert recruitment service with standards you would expect from a company concerned with the well-being of people involved in education: teachers, lecturers, administration staff, children, and young adults.
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