STUDY TOURS - organised by Campus Life International


Campus Life International provides a range of Study Tour packages in both Australi, Fiji and New Zealand. Our tours can be tailored to your requirements in both 'educational content and social activities' as well as duration.

All our study tours are designed to improve the English level of the students in your group as well as provide opportunities for student interaction with local Australian and New Zealand people, their cultures and their life style.

Campus Life International's - 'Destination Australia' study tours are delivered in conjunction with one of Australia's most progressive universities. All Australian study tours are delivered on the university's campus and students have a choice of homestay or campus accommodation.

Our Destination Australia study tours are delivered onsite at the university campus. Class delivery occurs in especially designed modern rooms on a safe and friendly campus.

Our Destination New Zealand study tours are delivered in range of destinations within New Zealand. Campus Life International works in conjunction with a number of established educational institutions throughout New Zealand. This means that we can currently deliver student study tours in such destinations as Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.





For further information regarding our Study Tour packages in Australia and New Zealand, please contact our study tour team at

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Mobile: +64 21610 834 or +64 4 528 7594

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